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Take advantage of the winter season

Photo by David Berkowitz

My clients often ask me when the best time to move is. Is there a certain time of year when you can get the most bang for your buck?

Yes. Winter is definitely THE  time to move. Many people don’t want to move at the end of the year, when they are busy visiting their families and shopping for the holidays.

Traditionally, this is when landlords offer promotions – such as paying the broker’s fee, giving you free rent and being flexible with the moving date.

Landlords base their pricing on inventory, so you are at an advantage when few other people are looking. Landlords who are unwilling to negotiate in the busy summer season are happy to talk during the slow winter months.

Signing a lease during the winter means that your annual renewal will happen during the low season each year, which means you will be more likely to get a very reasonable increase, or none at all, for years to come.

If your lease expires anytime soon or you’re on a month by month basis, this is the opportunity have been waiting for.

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